• Italian Opera
    Success, passion and betrayal: that's Opera
  • Lady Travellers
    Women's travel diaries
  • COLT
    From an original idea by Sergio Leone
  • Stolen Love
    5 stories of violence against women
  • Beati Paoli
    A mysterious Sicilian sect and the origins of Mafia

About US

Telling stories stitched on to reality. Stories that combine the power of the image with the need to narrate, to document and, in the deepest sense, to spread and make known.

Anthos Productions is a creative space whose mission is to package and create quality content and unpublished formats that can open up to the international market: from the factual, in the different variations of docureality and docuseries, to hybrid forms of narration that mix the scripted and the unscripted, such as the docudrama. A place in which to introduce original ideas, to blow them up and find a language to convey them.

A laboratory for talent in the continuous search for a new way to create content for television and new media, experimenting with new narrative forms while taking a unique and different look at reality.


We are always looking for new talent. If you would like to submit a CV click on the subject line of the form and select the desired profile.


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[POS.002] Researcher